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TOP 12 Most Dangerous Water Contaminants

There are literally thousands of different contaminants that can make their way into your drinking water. While many of these pollutants are harmless and benign, some are dangerous and are detrimental to your health. Below is a list of the most common contaminants that are found in tap and well water sources.

These Contaminants Should be Removed From drinking water!

Arsenic Asbestos Bacteria
Chlorine Chromium Fluoride
Lead Mercury Nitrates
Perchlorate Viruses VOCs
Why do You Need a Water Filter?

Because your body is a "natural" water filter. The human body collects, processes, and filters contaminants on a daily basis from the food, water and air that we consume. If you drink water with high levels of pollutants, your body then becomes a living filter of sorts. It will remove many contaminants on its own but whatever it cannot remove will be left behind to be absorbed or deposited in your tissues and organs. Over time, the accumulation of toxic contaminants could overwhelm your body's natural defenses leading to serious disease, cancer and death.

It is easy to replace a bad cartridge with a new one when a water filter fails. It is much harder to replace any valuable organs when the human body fails.

Don't use your body as the filter!

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Water Myths Exposed Is Your Water Safe? Filtered vs Bottled Eco-Friendly Filters Water Filter Comparison Where to Buy?