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Where to Buy?
So are you ready to take the plunge and purchase a water filtration system? If so, congratulations! You are on the right path to greatly improving your health and the environment. A multi-stage reverse osmosis system will provide you with high quality purified water that is healthy and delicious.
When purchasing a RO unit, you should research the brand of reverse osmosis membrane they use in their system. DOW Filmtec is a quality manufacturer of premium membranes and their products are made in the USA. Be careful of systems that use lower quality, generic membranes which are made overseas.
The following companies offer quality RO systems using DOW Filmtec membranes.
Quality Reverse Osmosis System Providers
APEC_Water System - Advanced, professional grade reverse osmosis drinking water systems and water softeners- Manufacturer Direct, premium quality and made in USA.
H2ro.com - Water Purification Supplies and Membranes at Discounted Prices.
Horizon_RO_Systems - Watermakers for marine, commercial and land-based applications.
Why do You Need a Water Filter?

Because your body is a "natural" water filter. The human body collects, processes, and filters contaminants on a daily basis from the food, water and air that we consume. If you drink water with high levels of pollutants, your body then becomes a living filter of sorts. It will remove many contaminants on its own but whatever it cannot remove will be left behind to be absorbed or deposited in your tissues and organs. Over time, the accumulation of toxic contaminants could overwhelm your body's natural defenses leading to serious disease, cancer and death.

It is easy to replace a bad cartridge with a new one when a water filter fails. It is much harder to replace any valuable organs when the human body fails.

Don't use your body as the filter!

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Water Myths Exposed Is Your Water Safe? Filtered vs Bottled Eco-Friendly Filters Water Filter Comparison Where to Buy?